We Are Studio eCommerce product photography
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Product photography & ecommerce

Creative product shot of mens shirt stack

Thanks to smart phones and mobile devices the Internet is now everywhere and consumers want to shop anytime, anywhere. E-commerce is big business and can only continue to grow, and this understanding shapes everything we do.

Product Photography of Roma Puma Trainer

Visuals are king. The way you choose to represent your brand each product is defining of who you are, and who your customer is. Through photography customers can get a real feel for your brand and products, and will understand the reason you went for the more expensive leather or the contrast trim.
Having 11 years in high end fashion retail helps us understand your brand and its needs. Whether it’s the rich tones in the colour, texture in the fabric or sheen of the hardware, we will strive to show it at its best, so you and your consumer can see its worth.

Whether you want to keep it simple with your product on a plain white background or want to get a bit creative an add in some colour, shadow or reflection, or screw it, you want something completely different – we are the team for the job.
With flat rate pricing for full finish, you can get the results you are looking for without the stress of a day rate or mounting costs of additional retouching. Have a peek through some of our work here to see our results.
For more information or to chat through your needs, head here to get in touch!

Creative menswear on model shot by We Are Studio